Boardgames have many positive effects on both IQ and EQ, plus the odd health benefit too. And as these pastime pleasures are having a resurgence, we’ve put together seven solid reasons to play these table-top games with young and old…

Ticket to Ride Boardgame

  1. Boardgames help children to develop both cognitive and social skills.
  2. Boardgames can teach logic and reasoning at the all-important early stages of cognitive development.
  3. Playing boardgames improves memory and enhances literacy and numeracy. Such table-top experiences help kids focus on a single activity for an extended period.
  4. Through the evaluation of options with multiple future outcomes, children engage in critical thinking and forward planning.
  5. Boardgames teach children to handle competition and conflict, along with graceful victory and dignified defeat.
  6. Cooperative boardgames can improve on kids’ communication, teamwork and leadership skills. One day, when applying for their first job, your boardgaming protégé may very well include the statement “plays well with others” on their CV.
  7. Did you know that playing boardgames  lowers the risk of dementia  and depression in the elderly?

Boardgames are definitely something you and your children will benefit from one day, along with other health pros such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress and improved immune system functioning.

“Your turn”…


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