Finding ways to be active when you’re so used to sitting on your butt, is not an easy thing, but no quest worth its weight in gold and gems is easy. Or it wouldn’t be a quest, right?

Since mine is to get healthy while staying true to my geekish roots, I must find ways to make becoming healthy a lot more fun and easily accessible.

To find the program that would best fit me I decided to do some research on what other folks are doing.

One of the first options I came across was joining a Parkrun. Several my friends are into that and are enjoying their Saturday morning walk/runs. These are great. You sign up, get your barcode on the website and find one happening near you. Then on the day all you do is show up and walk / run along the course laid out. I think I’ll table this for when I’m fitter and won’t pass out from the exertion.

Another option I found was something called Adventure Boot Camp. I’ve seen it advertised around town but never thought of joining. It’s a four-week program with hour long outdoor classes run from Monday to Friday. Its quite affordable and all you need is yourself, an exercise mat and light weights. This is possibly also something to tackle when I’m a bit fitter.

There were a host of calisthenics classes, yoga classes, dance classes and of course an assortment of gyms to join. Only problem with all of them is they really aren’t me. I don’t want to make a donkey’s backside of myself in front of a whole stack of strangers. I prefer to keep my “I’ve tried too hard and am about to die” face private for now.

So, I decided to check out the world of fitness apps.

This was much better. A lot of these apps are designed for home use. So that means no crazy equipment, no set times and no witnesses to any of the mayhem that may ensue. Many of them are highly customizable, with a host of experts and routines to choose from, so they should fit even my un-fitness level.

fitness app

The list of apps is really long and includes options like, Daily Om, Asana Rebel, Freeletics Bodyweight and many more. I spent some time checking them out and decided on Grokker. They have a host of experts with well shot videos that take you through the classes like you’re in the same room as the instructor, which is an aspect I really like. They also track your progress and you can set up your calendar to remind you when you have a workout pending, which should help motivate me to get out of bed.

With this in my pocket I should be able to get my hero training underway. Well, that’s my plan, anyway. Or if I was a Feegle it would be my PLN. Why not join me in an exercise program of your own and let me know how you do? I’d love to hear from you.

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