Diaries of a Space JanitorGirlbeast, Alaensee desperately wants to get out of her job – as well as off the planet! An anti-adventure game at heart, you play as a space janitor whose grind is to pick up trash and incinerate it, a daily chores series reminiscent of Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley.

As the game opens, your character longs for adventure and decides to break out of her daily drudgery by descending into the planet’s intricate sewer system. While exploring these dungeons, she unwittingly becomes cursed by a skull that follows her around. Hereafter, the game becomes the cure to rid yourself of the skull – while also managing the daily necessities of work and life. The layered gameplay, overwhelming at first but tamed by routine, follows your character as she wonders the spaceport incinerating garbage and waste while at the same time picking up items that could be sold to merchants for varying amounts. It’s clear that the game is very much about being a marginalized member of the working class striving for a better life and it can be quite a compelling experience. A lot of the beauty of the game is encapsulated in this tragic life metaphor giving a perspective that not many games would include.

A psychedelic, pixelated exploration, this Indie game is a whirlwind of 2D mixed with 3D and smatterings of odd characters and environments too. The sound design of the game is reminiscent of the 8 bit era with somewhat bouncy music that flits between sombre and up-beat. Characters talk in a manner similar to the sims series which when blended with the visual design generates a bazaar feeling that immerses the player in a true alien world.

Diaries of a Space Janitor Diaries of a Space Janitor
Diaries of a Space Janitor Diaries of a Space JanitorRelease Date:

16 Sep, 2016
Sundae Month

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