In “Do What You Love”, we take a look at game design- and digital arts-related careers to inspire anyone whose passion is in these areas. In this instalment we look at rigging…

What is Rigging?

Within the discipline of animation, rigging is the process of giving a 3D object a ‘skeleton’ (with bones connected by joints) so that it can move and therefore be animated. Essentially, rigging is the step between modelling and animating, which gives a modelled 3D object the necessary components it needs in order to be animated.


What is the Ideal Aptitude for this Career?

Because the rigging process can be very technical and precise, someone who is technically minded and detail-orientated would thrive as a rigger. Additionally, because it is a subset of animation, creative thinking is a necessity.

What Skills are Required for this Career?

A background in animation with an in-depth knowledge of animation principles is key to becoming a successful rigger. Knowledge of anatomy, muscle systems and bone structure is also beneficial, as well as a proficiency in a 3D animation suite such as Blender or Maya. The programming language Python is used in animation, so an understanding of programming and familiarity with the language would also be helpful.


Where can I study Rigging?

In South Africa:


What should I study to become a Rigger?

  • Computer Science
  • Animation
  • VFX

What about online courses?

Here’s a handy infographic that summarizes it all for you in one glance.


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