This week I thought it would be a good idea to check in and give a little update on where I am in my quest for getting healthy. With great trepidation I faced the scales and tape measure, and it’s a good thing I did both.

My weight hasn’t changed beyond my losing 200 grams, which on its own hardly seems worth all the effort I’ve put in. But couple that with losing 4cm over all and a general improvement in my energy levels I think I’ve made good progress.

Here’s what I’ve found works so far.

  • I’ve discovered that signing myself up for physical activity, even if it’s a program on an app, gets me motivated to get up and actually do it. That little reminder on my phone every morning really annoys the bananas out of me and I just have to get rid of it. The only way to do that is to do the workout. Another great thing about this is I’ve found I try harder now and find the routines more interesting and fun.
  • Most of them. There are always one or two workouts that annoy me because they’re full of  hoppity-skippity nonsense that gives exercise a bad name. I know cardio is a must, so for those I put something inspiring on the TV in the background. Something like Killjoys, Battlestar Galactica or even Trollhunters. Something quick paced with good action gets me motivated to try harder, jump more and get something out of my workouts.
  • Workout nutrition. Suddenly my reading material is all full of nutritional facts. I have discovered my workouts go much smoother with a shake. With my particular mix of meds my doc put me on, I have to take them on an empty stomach. Couple that with having to do my workouts first thing in the morning means I can’t eat before I exercise. So, how to fix that so I get the most out of my workout? Easy, I make a protein shake and sip it all through lifting weights and trying not to land on my face in a plank. This is a science-based idea. A lot of experts are saying that eating before you work out is a must. So, this is my workaround.
  • Diet in general: sticking to a diet is not something I’m into. As I’ve mentioned before I’d rather have a lifestyle change, than a diet I follow for a few weeks and then kick to the curb. My workaround for this one is finding the healthy, natural and unprocessed options. What does that mean? I’ve increased my vegetable and fruit portions, reduced my reliance on bread and pasta as basic staples and taken out all the sweets, chips and sodas.weight

So far things are going well. I feel much better in my body, not so bloated and heavy. That’s what this is all about, feeling better. A bod like Lara Croft would be a bonus.

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