At Red Oxygen experience is our currency. No exchange with another can be impactful without exceptional experience. All that we craft revolves around creating memorable, magnetic experiences.




At Red Oxygen experience is our currency. No exchange with another can be impactful without exceptional experience. All that we craft revolves around creating memorable, magnetic experiences.




Current Creations

We have a number of ambitious titles and concepts in the current mix of games set to be released from Q4 of this year. Some maximising on novel mobile concepts while another is taking board games into new realms of experience.

Robust systems are essential when taking a gaming world-first to market. Freshly patented, our ground-breaking application will further Red Oxygen’s mandate of growing the global gaming market by making such content and gameplay more easily accessible to a broader audience.

Set to upend how we consume broadcast content, Red Oxygen’s line-up of planned series blur the lines between gameplay and series. Unable to reveal more at this current time, suffice to say that we revel in the unexpected, always looking to challenge norms and provide fresh, often unexpected, experiences.


Red Oxygen maximises the strengths of an international award-winning production house and Africa’s first game development company. As pioneers of innovative broadcast and gaming formats, we’re always looking for what’s next. Our repertoire explores novel, as well as tried and tested, forms of storytelling as we continue to blur the lines between digital and real, opening gaming and geek culture up to a broader audience.

Founded by international award-winning production company, Combined Artistic Productions, and Africa’s long-standing videogame development company, Celestial Games, Red Oxygen is currently producing content for several international broadcasters as we trail blaze creative ways to celebrate and highlight this space.

Oscar Pistorius Trial
The live coverage of the Oscar Pistorius Trial was a watershed moment in the advancement of open justice in South Africa. Led by esteemed channel executive director George Mazarakis, the channel featured an unprecedented view of the courtroom proceedings, round-the-clock coverage of the trial, as well as hours of exclusive documentaries, profiles and in-depth expert analysis.

The 99
Subniv Babuta is the Creative Head of the animated series, The 99, shown in over 75 countries. The series was publicly acclaimed by President Obama as a major contribution to relations between the Islamic world and the West.

Carte Blanche [Current]
Now in its 30th year, Carte Blanche is M-Net’s flagship current affairs programme. The series, executive produced by George Mazarakis, has developed a high degree of credibility in South African television journalism and has been awarded more than 200 local and international awards for quality stories that have made a difference. In August 2008, to commemorate 20 years on air, Carte Blanche launched the “Making a Difference” Campaign which has raised over R120-million to support and build State paediatric units across the country.

2000 Today
The BBC’s Millennium night broadcast, headed by Subniv Babuta, was transmitted live for 26 hours to a global audience of 4-billion.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Final Draw Show
The 2010 FIFA World Cup draw was broadcast to an expected audience of 200-million.  The Preliminary Draw and the Confederation Cup Draw were also produced.

Other big events and series
Miss SA Beauty Pageants and Miss World
M-Net’s Show Me The Mommy
Estee Lauder’s LOOKS2Live By
Revlon’s Face to Face

Previous Game Releases

Celestial Games was one of the first companies in Africa to develop and publish computer games. Formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1994, we successfully produced two PC titles (Toxic Bunny and The Tainted) and then took a little break. We reopened with an HD re-release of Toxic Bunny and have been building our skills and momentum since then.

Rated as one of the top game companies in Africa, Celestial now focuses on the eSports industry, including our current main development project, BAD (Battle Arena Drones). We work with partners to drive the industry up into Africa, as well as with SA government to stimulate and grow the local gaming industry. Recently we also partnered with a top TV production company to produce content in the digital entertainment space.