The Team

George Mazarakis
Director & Executive Producer

George Mazarakis, Red Oxygen co-owner and Executive Producer, is responsible for building Red Oxygen programming and taking it to market. He is also CEO of, and the executive producer for, Combined Artistic Productions, which makes Carte Blanche, South Africa’s longest running investigative journalism show. Carte Blanche has won over 200 local and international awards during its nearly three decades on M-Net, a premium pay TV channel.

Highlights of his career...

Konstantinos Tzingakis

Konstantinos (Costa) Tzingakis, Red Oxygen co-owner and CEO, is responsible for business expansion and broadcasting relationships.

As an innovator and strategist, Costa constructs frameworks for content creation, distribution and audience engagement across global markets. His ambition is to create a sustainable and thriving market for gaming, game development, production, and the creative arts globally, as well as in Africa.

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Justus Ortlepp
Business Analyst

Justus Ortlepp, Red Oxygen Business Analyst, designs and builds Red Oxygen platforms used in audience engagement. His specialty lies in building online frameworks to bridge Red Oxygen programming and online audiences to create and entice meaningful engagement.

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