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Bringing Gamification & Gaming to life.

We remember the fun.

It's simple. Our best memories are the good ones; the laughs, good times, warm feelings, and the fun we had the most.

The more a person engages with a brand or service, the more likely they will return.

Fun engagements lead to fond memories. Fond memories create brand loyalty, and brand loyalty ultimately means an increased customer base and higher revenues.

Gamification is the perfect way to create fun engagements to develop long-term customer loyalty. A positive experience will keep customers coming for more with your brand or service foremost in their minds.


Our Story

Red Oxygen was born from a partnership between two of South Africa's longest-standing media and engagement companies: Combined Artistic Production and Celestial Electronic Entertainment.

Combined Artistic Production, best known for long-standing investigative journalism series Carte Blanche and the Oscar Pistorius Trial channel, produce ±160 hours of broadcast television annually. Celestial Electronic Entertainment is Africa's longest-standing game development company, having developed international bestsellers, including Toxic Bunny and The Tainted.

​Red Oxygen creates new stories for our clients and partners by leveraging the best of both worlds, namely years of experience creating engaging TV and electronic content.


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369 Oak Ave, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194,

South Africa

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