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All the Rugby

Back-to-Back Rugby Fever was the theme of these engagements. The World Cup followed the Rugby Championships, and rugby fans and enthusiasts couldn't get enough.


The rugby experience allowed fans to follow live matches, predict the outcomes of the games and tournament, vote for Man of the Match, arrange watching parties, and share the action with their friends.


Additionally, rugby enthusiasts could test their knowledge through daily quizzes, and participate in digital tournaments and mini-games to win real-world prizes, including hampers and vouchers.


And if you think this was cool, wait until you see what we’re doing for the soccer World Cup!


Rugby Digital Tournament

Just because we could, and because it's fun, the Rugby World Cup Experience also included its own Digital Tournament. Players could compete against each other and work their way up through the groupings and leaderboards to score big.


Some people played for fun, some played to be the best, others because they had nothing better to do. All played for hours, breaking new records for engagement time spent in a sporting app.

What can we say? Gaming is fun!

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