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Branded Games

We all have brands that are close to our hearts. For some, it's a fond memory.

For others, a brand elicits nostalgia or represents a passion or even an obsession.

A brand can represent loyalty and be a constant that has never let them down.


At Red Oxygen, we consider it a great honour to work closely with a brand to create new and fun memories while building on foundations that customers know.

We take great care to capture not only the brand concept and value but the emotion and meaning that fans associate with the brand.


Tom & Jerry Visit Island Adventures

Play as Tom or Jerry in this timeless contest of outwit and outrun.

This time the pair are in New York!


Grab up as much cheese as you can as Jerry before you get caught, or keep a pressured pursuit as Tom tries to catch Jerry.

Teen Titans: Go

Operation Beach Day Clean Up

Take to the skies as Raven, Cyborg and Starfire as they clean up the beach from an invasion of trash.

Designed for the older kids on Island Adventures, this game is a fast-paced “clean-em-up” game with stylish visuals and pumping soundtrack.


Craig of the Creek

Deep Creek Salvage

There’s trash in the Creek, and you know the best kid for the job.


Use a home-made submersible vacuum to pull out trash from the waters below and prevent the fish from eating the nasty stuff.


Oh, and a little nugget of gold for extra incentive.

We Bare Bears

Tote Life

Three bears, one goal: make grocery shopping a greener experience.


Help the Bare Bears to replace plastic shopping bags with reusable totes, while also refusing plastic-covered groceries in exchange for eco-friendly packaging. Stay sharp!

gumball (1).png


The Stink

Sorting your recycling just got fun, and in Gumball’s case that means a little odd.


Zip around the screen as you pick up recyclables and drop them into the correct bins, and grab some wacky powerups to help your efforts.

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