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The Island of Experiences

There was a need: to create a digital space where children could explore and interact with their favourite brands and characters safely and securely and keep up to date with all the latest shows, events, and trending topics.

We solved that need and took things to the next level. Island Adventures is an ever-growing world of fun and engagement. Children (and parents) can create their monsters, explore the different islands, and discover new experiences.

There are countless characters to meet, worlds to explore, games to play, and activities like quizzes and colouring competitions to undertake.

Mini Games.png

Mini Games

New events and islands appear regularly, creating an ever-evolving experience. Children can save the planet as climate change champions or prepare to go back to school like a boss, participate in Easter Egg Hunts or even open presents under the Island Christmas Tree, creating the perfect cross-over from digital to real-life engagements.

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